Stop the Ville Marie Highway Extension !

Is there one sane person who thinks the Ville Marie Highway extension is a good idea?
Please stop calling it Orwellian terms like modernization, improvement or worse “development durable”!

The proposed link has been announced as an 8 lane modernisation with one lane each way reserved for buses. BUT: This reserved lane is really just the shoulder of the highway that is not continuous.  Every time there is a on- or off-ramp the bus lane will stop!  Really this is no different to using the shoulder of the Decarie Expressway as an extra lane.  Some bus lane! The sad part is that people are being deceived by this.

The highway will have traffic lights in a few spots that will be permanently green during rush hour. Does anyone think that this will work? Does anyone remember the history of the Woodland exit off highway 20 in Beaconsfield. This used to be a traffic-light signalled intersection that had several accidents until the MTQ decided to make it a full controlled access intersection. How long will it be before these proposed intersections get the same treatment?

For an alternative visions check out:
Concerned Citizens
Projet Montreal

Wider roads don’t lessen congestion they encorage more cars to use them: La Presse

Increasing road capacity essentially encourages more people to use cars and creates additional demand of the road network.  This is called Induced Demand and has been known since the 1960’s. Does anyone at the MTQ take notice?

This project will is a bad idea for Montreal on all fronts!


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