AMT Train de l’Est

I had the pleasure of attending the AMT’s presentation about the new train de l’est.
AMT Grand Projets Web Site


Some little nuggets from the presentation:

  • Bombardier has the inside track to get the contract for the bi-mode locomotives. AMT expects to announce the contract in April.
  • Significant route upgrades are needed in the montreal segment over the CN right of way.
  • The Terrebonne-Mascouche segment will travel over the 640 median.
  • The stations on the AMT-only part of the line will have high level platforms (for example: Terrebonne).  Other stations will have special ramps for wheelchair boarding.
  • There are no plans to deploy the project in phases.  Why?
    • The overnight depot will be in Mascouche (the end of the line)
    • Limiting factor is the delivery of the tunnel-running capable cars and locomotives
  • Delivery in 2011 !!
    • Seems like a long time to me and also to several people that asked questions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, These new locomotives will allow AMT to offer some very interesting services that don’t terminate at Central Station.

  • Imagine travelling from Mont-Saint-Hillare to Terrebonne or Deux-Montanges.  That would be great!

One potential problem that I see is that most of the stations in the AMT network are low-level platforms.  The new AMT cars have only 1 narrow low level door (they have 2 extra high level doors howver.  I think this will cause long boarding/disembarking times at stations.


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