Stop the Notre-Dame Highway

I participated in my first protest march today!

There were about 1000 marchers along the street.  Unfortunately we couldn’t march along Notre-Dame itself!  (Perhaps a good thing). The regular gang of anti-authority protesters were there: Green Party, Quebec Solidaire, NDP, and Projet Montreal. I’m proud to say I was one of them today! Peter McQueen and I were the only ones with bilingual signs. Yes, we anglos care about our city too!

Did anyone notice the advertisement in La Presse and Le Devoir on Saturday? It looked like page 45 of this document.  Why do I find this misleading? Let me count the ways…

  1. The amount of cars shown is equivalent about 9AM on a Sunday.
  2. It is practically the only part of the whole project that is not in a trench or tunnel.
  3. There is a very liberal use of green.  How long will those trees survive next to 6 lanes of traffic?
  4. The green theme is extended to the reserved bus lane on the shoulder

This is at best misleading and at worst plain dishonest – Tremblay should be ashamed of himself.  Its a sad example of the state of our democracy that the government has to resort to misleading advertisements (with our tax dollars by the way) to push their projects.

I don’t think the project will ever proceed the way the MTQ is presenting it. The MTQ has always wanted a highway in this sector and this is their latest attempt to ram it through. The traffic lights that are always green is a perfect example. I’m sure that the first time the lights change from always green to a regular sequence will generate lots of confusion and accidents. It will be the perfect opportunity to announce that the lights are dangerous and should be removed. This has happened many times in the past. Hwy 20 and Woodland in Baie-D’urfe had traffic lights and also had several accidents. Finally the highway was lowered and there are no traffic lights anymore.

The MTQ advertisement seems to say that the only way that Hochelaga-Maisonneuve will get improved bike paths and anti-noise barriers is by supporting the project. Sad state of affairs I say.



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  1. Ed on

    speaking of misleading advertisements, the park-pine interchange has a (not-)nice new road through the SE corner of Mont Royal park that was not on any pre-project publicity photo of the new interchange, but when the work was finished, voila: a new road cutting through the nicest bunny-slope ski area in the park. If you can’t trust politicians and the city planning department, who can you trust?

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