Montreal Residents on a Funding Diet

When I look the various projects that AMT/STM are studying, off-island commuters will benefit more than Montreal travelers:

  • Av. Du Parc Tramway – Direct transfer from the AMT St-Jerome line to downtown (475 M$)
  • SLR – Replacement for the bus service between Panama station & downtown (870 M$)
  • Orange line extension to Bois-Franc – Interchange with the Deux-Montanges line (340 M$).
  • AMT Train de l’est – The line starts in Mascouche and has 4 stations off-island. (300 M$)
  • Replacement of AMT rolling stock (386 M$)

About 50/50

  • SRB on Pie-IX – The line will start in Laval and travel down to the Pie-IX station on the green line (100 M$)
  • Airport shuttle to downtown (business travel as well) (550 M$).
  • Blue Line extension to Pie-IX and eventually Anjou (interchange with SRB Pie-IX) (170 M$)

Projects that favour Montreal residents:

  • Côte-des-Neiges tramway (only if the 1st phase happens and is successful) (250 M$)
  • Griffintown tramway (250 M$)

From my point of view, there are a lot of projects that favour off-island residents.  Has Montreal become so politically impotent that the suburbs dictate the spending priorities? 

These projects will only encourage people to move off-island since their commute will be made easier.


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  1. Fagstein on

    The Train de l’Est is more for people who live on the north side of the island than people in Mascouche or Repentigny. Like the Deux Montagnes line, you’ll find most of its users are on the island.

    The orange line extension will also be primarily for on-island residents in the northern St. Laurent and Cartierville areas (especially those along the always-packed 64 route), with some added convenience for those taking the train.

    The point is still valid: politically, the suburbs get more attention because their votes are more interesting to politicians. That may be one of the major reasons the Laval metro extension was favoured over an extension of the blue line east.

    But that doesn’t make these projects any less necessary. You can’t expand inward, after all.

    Besides, people don’t move to the suburbs because of the commute. They do it because it’s cheaper and think the commute isn’t important. The transit service is for those who finally realize how stupid it is to drive for two hours a day to get to and from work.

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