We Need Bike Storage Lockers at Metro Stations

Many people never even think to ride their bike to the metro because they don’t think that the storage lockers are safe. Bicycle lockers could be used to allow people to make part of their commuting trip by bike.

Translink in Vancouver uses bike lockers like these that seem to work quite well.

Bike Lockers in use in Vancouver

Admittedly, the lockers would be significantly less used in the winter but perhaps with a bit of encouragement (reseau blanc) people would use them.

How it works:

  1. You inquire if there are available lockers at the metro (or other location) where you want to store your bike.
  2. If there is space available, you can sign up for the use of the locker on a seasonal or monthly basis.
  3. You get a key and a dedicated and secure parking space (covered) for your bike (and all your expensive accessories) whenever you want it.
  4. Once the rental contract is over, the lock is changed by the transit operator and a new renter can use the space.

The idea is in the Plan de Transport (page 82) and works well in Vancouver!


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