STM gives an early Christmas present to Families

Note: No, I haven’t disappeared or died.  I’ve been busy working on this.

Starting on December 6th, up to 5 children will be able to travel for free on the STM network during weekends and holidays if they are accompanied by an adult.

This type of program was requested several months ago by a municipal politician (sorry can’t find a reference) and it seems that it worked.

I will definitely take advantage of this program as I like to bring my children downtown on the weekend.   But when I travel with my wife we often take the car because it is cheaper.

My situation:

2 parents (1 with a CAM) + 1 child (7 years old) + 1 child (4 years old)

  • Round trip cost before: 6.16 $
  • Round trip cost now: 4 $

With just me (with a CAM) & my children

  • Round trip cost before: 2.16 $
  • Round trip cost now: FREE

I’m sure lots of other parents will come to the same conclusion!

Here are the announcements:

STM (French)
STM (English)
Le Devoir


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  1. […] The STM has announced that, starting Dec. 6, adults who pay their fare to get on the bus or metro will be able to take up to five kids under age 12 for free on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. (Via Transport in Montreal) […]

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