Bixi in 2 Washingtons!

The Gazette is reporting today (May 21, 2010) that the city and Bixi together have announced that bixi will be deployed in Washington DC and the University of Washington in Washington state.

Starting this fall, 1100 bikes and 114 stations will be deployed in Washington DC and Arlington VA.

30 bikes will be available at Washington State University – presumably for the start of the September semester.  No news about how may stations or bike docks.  Based on the ratio of Washington DC, there should be only 3! No news about how many bike docks for each however.

The Washington DC announcement is very interesting because the city already has a contract with a different bike sharing company – SmartBike by Clear Channel.  The limitations of this system is that it is much more expensive to deploy since the road needs to be dug up to install the docking stations.  The current system, after at least one year, has 125 bike docks in 10 stations.  Perhaps the reason why the city decided to move to a different system could be explained here?

See the summary page for Bixi tracking


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