Bixi in London Data analysis

A clever developer has come up with a very good analysis tool of the usage patterns of the London Bixi bikes that started about two weeks ago

(each second is one hour starting at 0:00 = midnight)

This real-time data was captured each hour by James Chesire from the data generated by Oliver O’Brien at University College London. He used the real-time data from Transport for London real-time data to develop an real time view of bike/dock availability in London
The color mapping more easily allows you to see how the bikes move from the outskirts to the city centre and back again over the course of a day. The bike docks at the mainline stations are particularly affected by this effect.   Only a small percentage of travelers on a train need to use Bixi to completely saturate the system which seems to be one of the major problems of the system in its first few weeks of operation.

Yonah Freemark has a much better analysis than me on his blog

Blog entry of the Oliver O’Brien that developed the app

Real time View

Is there anything like this in Montreal other than the Google overlay apps that require you to click on each dock to see the status?


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