Montreal to brand its 10-minute max service

There are already many routes in Montréal that have a service frequency of more than 1 bus every 10 minutes, however, the STM has decided to launch a new branding called “Réseau 10 minutes MAX”.  This branding will appear on buses, bus stop signs and perhaps even next year’s network map.

This idea seems to be rapidly catching on all over the world.  Jarrett Walker at Human Transit has been promoting this idea via his web site.

STM's new Branding

STM's new Branding

The following lines will have at least 6 buses per hour between 6h and 21h:
18 Beaubien
24 Sherbrooke
51 Édouard-Montpetit
67 Saint-Michel
69 Gouin
80 du Parc
105 Sherbrooke
121 Sauvé/Cote-Vertu
139 Pie-IX
141 Jean-Talon Est
165 Côte-des-Neiges

Additionally, the following lines will have at least 6 buses an hour in one direction the either in the AM (6h to 14h) or PM (14h to 21h) peak periods (these are pretty generous definitions):
32 Lacordaire
33 Langelier
44 Armand-Bombardier
45 Papineau
48 Perras
49 Maurice-Duplessis
55 Saint-Laurent
64 Grenet
90 Saint-Jacques
97 Mont-Royal
103 Monkland
106-506 Newman
132 Viau
161 Van Horne
171 Henri-Bourassa
187 René-Levesque
193 Jarry
197 Rosemont
211 Bord-du-Lac
470 Express Pierrefonds

Since I live in NDG I decided to see what this announcement actually means in practical terms to the 90 and 105 routes that stop at Vendome metro:

90 Saint-Jacques East Bound: (16 extra departures per day)
90 East-bound stopping at Vendome (stop #53935)

90 Saint-Jacques West Bound: (5 extra departures per day)

105 Sherbrooke arriving at Vendome: (6 extra arrivals per day)

105 Sherbrooke Departing from Vendome: (9 extra departures per day)


  • The red color is the existing service as of August 25th.  However, the publicly available information just shows a “…” when there is more than 1 bus every 6 minutes.  In this case, I just assumed it was every six minutes (that’s why none of the charts go higher than 10 buses).  I could be wrong however for some of the most popular lines.
  • The tan color represents the extra buses added to the service pattern as a result of the new branding.
  • I assumed that if there were already 6 buses or more during that hour then the STM would not add any more.  This is likely to be true since this parameter is constrained by the number of buses and drivers that the STM has available.
  • I assumed that the STM would only add enough buses to hit the 6 per hour rate – they could add more.

These charts show that for both types of branding (the all day and the peak period) there is still quite an increase in service.  Well done STM!

Here’s their new map


2 comments so far

  1. ant6n on

    Nice visualizations!
    I think overall the service increase is probably not as much as in the first graph you show, but that is not really the point anyway.

    Did you scrape this info by hand?

    • transportjames on

      Since you asked, I double checked and yes this is the real info. The EB service from 9h to 14h is effectively doubled!

      If the word ‘scrape’ means to labouriously copy the info from the STM web site, then create the graphs in excel, then copy and paste them into MS paint, then export them as .jpg files – then the answer is yes!

      There must be a better way! If only I was a better web programmer.

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