About me

My name is James Lawlor and I’m a regular user of the STM bus and metro services to travel between my home in NDG and work in St-Laurent. I also have a professional interest in trains and metros as an employee of Alstom and as an engineer.

My employer, Alstom transport is the 2nd largest manufacturer of transit equipment in the world (after Bombardier).

I work in the bids and tenders at our site in St-Laurent. We are responsible for the preparation of proposals for the communication systems for all the tenders that Alstom participates in around the world.

The electronic displays you see in the Montreal metro cars (Alstom Telecite) was the result of the first project that our site did.  Since then, our products are now found on five continents.


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  1. Jody on

    Hi James
    I can’t remember if I’ve written you before now… I’m very involved with the ‘Mobilisation Turcot’s ‘ efforts to modify the current interchange reconstruction project. We want any future interchange to reduce traffic congestion and consequently car emissions… This will require massive investments in a new public transit system.

    I am trying to kick off an effort to organize a barcamp/un-conference type event where the focus will be on giving Montreal a transit system 2020 that get’s us to work in 20 min. !


    We have several University Urban Planning departments working with us. Give me a call or write to see how we might get companies such as yours to take an interest.


  2. Jason on

    Its been five+ months since your last post. Your faithful readers are all hungry for more news!

    • transportjames on

      You are absolutely right and you have shamed me into posting a new article. I hope to write a few more soon.

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