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STM Launches new Airport Shuttle Service

The STM has announced a new bus service between the airport and the Voyageur bus terminal. This new line will have

  • Intermediate stops at Metro Lionel-Groulx, Gare Centrale, Metro Berri-UQAM
  • Travel time of approx 30 minutes one way
  • $7 cash fare (you are actually buying a 1 day tourist pass) each way
  • Full 24/7 service with frequency every 20 minutes in rush hour and even every hour overnight – same as night bus service frequency
    • UPDATE 2010-08-20: The current service pattern has 77 trips per day each way approximately every 10 minutes during the day (still every hour during the night)

Comparison with the proposed airport rail link

At an average speed of 11 km/h for the service (without traffic) it will be interesting to see how this will demonstrate the need for the rail shuttle project.  Rail shuttles typically will be significantly more expensive (at least 15$) but will be much faster and reliable. Since the airport is only 16km from the city centre, you could expect a rail shuttle to only take about 10 minutes assuming no intermediate stops – at least 3x faster.
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